Michael S. and Marie Byczek
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Michael S. Byczek was born in Chicago in 1916. His family consisted of his parents Martin and Maryanna with six brothers and three sisters. He grew up at 2816 Short in the Bridgeport neighborhood. There were several other Byczek families from Poland living on the same street. The genealogical record indicates that all the families were Highlanders from southern Poland. Martin and his brother John came to Chicago in the early 1900s. Michael was employed in the manufacturing industry prior to his entry into the Army during World War II. He served with the military on several islands in the Pacific Ocean until 1945. He began work with the State of Illinois after the war.

Michael and Marie Flanagan were married in 1950. Their family consisted of three sons and a daughter. They owned a tavern and banquet hall near the St. Bridget's parish. The saloon was known for its Irish and Polish cuisine and entertainment. They both retired in the late 1970s and spent the next twenty years together in Chicago. Michael passed away in 1992 and Marie was laid to rest in 1996. Michael M. Byczek is their son and he has compiled the complete genealogical record of the Byczek family in Chicago.



Michael M. Byczek Genealogy
William and Julia Rooney
Thomas and Hannah Talbot
James and Bridget Flanagan
Katherine Rooney
Edward Talbot
Patrick and Anna Flanagan
Martin and Marie Flanagan
Martin Byczek and Maryanna Dudek
Michael S. and Marie Byczek



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